The importance of sourcing sustainably

The importance of sourcing sustainably

At the Daily Buzz, it’s about quality over quantity. We control every facet of our business to ensure that we support local and make responsible decisions. By using local, ethically sourced products and suppliers, we put the needs of our clients and the environment first.

According to the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS), sustainable procurement considers the environment as well as economic and social factors along with price and quality. As more pressure is placed on businesses to source ethically, CIPS says that sourcing ethically demonstrates business integrity in the modern age.

Local roasters, Craft Coffee is the supplier of all our delicious coffee beans. They are passionate about coffee and place emphasis on supporting, investing and uplifting farmers. Craft Coffee combines art and science to bring some of the best blends to your offices. They also offer a decaffeinated option.

We’ve carved out a niche with our innovative ‘on the move’ corporate coffee concept and we can assure our patrons of the utmost care and respect in everything that we do.

Find out more about Craft Coffee by visiting:


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