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Many people believe that buying expensive beans or a fancy machine makes a great cup of coffee. The truth is that it is a whole lot more complex. We focus on five fundamental components that makes the perfect espresso based drink.

Our blends are specially sourced from the best crops around the world before being blended and roasted to perfection. They are packaged using the latest technology which ensures that they are as fresh the day the packet is opened as they were the day they were roasted.


Once a packet of beans has been opened they absorb or lose moisture which can affect the taste of the espresso. Coffee loses flavour within an hour of being ground which is why we only grind on demand. Our baristas monitor and adjust the fineness of the ground beans to ensure that each shot is brewed with the optimal grind size and dose to produce the perfect espresso every time.


Our Italian espresso machines are fitted with water softeners and designed to cope with high volumes while consistently brewing each espresso by forcing exactly 9 bars of pressurised water and steam through the ground coffee that was tightly packed together by the barista using exactly 15kgs of pressure.


Nothing matches the quality of an espresso based coffee made by a professionally trained barista. Our baristas are professionally trained coffee makers who know how to maintain and use their equipment. They are the ones responsible for providing you with an unforgettable coffee experience every time you visit us.


We use thermometers in the jugs when steaming the milk to ensure it doesn’t get burnt and your drink is served at the same temperature every time. When mixing the steamed milk and espresso it is done on a scale to make sure that the correct portion of each ingredient goes into your drink of choice.