Going Green

‘It is estimated that some 500 billion coffee cups are produced annually around the world, and each cup takes about 50 years to break down and decompose’. – Averda (2018).

Ethical sourcing and biodegradable packaging are of the utmost important as coffee consumption in SA continues to soar. Today, companies are making concerted efforts to reduce their footprint and answer to the call by consumers and environmental bodies for a ‘greener’ approach to packaging. Single use cups, plastic straws and regular non-degradable cups are making a swift exit!

According to an article by Averda, South Africa’s paper recycling rate has risen to more than 68%, diverting over 1.4 million tonnes of paper and packaging from landfill. This is about 10% more than the global average for paper recycling.

As part of our improved sustainability initiative, the Daily Buzz has introduced biodegradable coffee cups and lids at our outlets. Chat to our team to find out more!

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