Daily Buzz & Craft Coffee - June '17 - Marsel Roothman 0104

Empowering SA through an on-the-go concept

With the high unemployment rate weighing us down, isn’t it great to know that companies such as ours are doing everything in their power to create more employment opportunities? In fact, 90% of our baristas are black females and we invest into the training and wellbeing of our staff.

The Daily Buzz’s innovative corporate concept has been running since 2006. We make it affordable and accessible for corporates to enjoy an in-house coffee shop!

As more companies buy into our concept, more jobs are created and just as our staff prioritise your happiness, we prioritise theirs. In addition to coffee, we bring you on-the-go, freshly prepared snacks and offer efficient, professional and consistent service.

Our supply chain consists of only high-quality suppliers and everything is managed in-house to ensure 100% control.

Find out more about the facilities on offer: http://bit.ly/2Uaf3LM

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