Daily Buzz & Craft Coffee - June '17 - Marsel Roothman 0197

Crafting a company culture through coffee

With majority of our time spent at the office, creating an engaging and exciting environment for your employees brings with it a host of benefits.

Over the years, coffee has been connecting colleagues and clients, and has been linked to improved productivity, increased engagement and collaboration in the workplace. Whether it’s for a team breakaway, client meetings, to recharge during deadlines or to grab a bite on the way into the office, bringing an innovative coffee shop concept to the workplace creates a unique shift.

Loved the world over, the coffee sector is now valued at approximately $100 billion (BusinessInsider.com) and this beloved bean continues to surge in popularity. Another study showed that coffee consumption amongst millennials has increased from 19% in 2008 to 41% in 2016 (Destinyman.co.za).

Bringing a coffee shop concept to your office ensures employee wellbeing with coffee linked to improved health, happiness, productivity and engagement.

We, at The Daily Buzz, have experienced first-hand how passionate people are about their coffee and the important role that it plays in their daily lives. A few years ago, our team conducted a survey which showed that majority of people (65%) were drinking 2 – 3 cups per day and the number continues to grow.

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