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A LOVE for quality coffee is starling lo take hold in South Africa as the public gain exposure to the culture of coffee drinking, claimed barista Chris Brown.

Chris Brown is a director of The Daily Buzz franchise, a  franchise  consisting  of six coffee bars located in corporate offices. Brown said he was inspired by coffee shops overseas which were situated in places with lots of foot traffic such as subway stations. In South Africa, however, most commuters drive to work and their first opportunity to have coffee is on arrival at the office. .

According to Brown, since founding The Daily Buzz in 2006 to fill the gap in the market, the company has blossomed. He said that in

recent years there has been a massive number of speciality coffee shops opening up. "Some don't lost," he said, "but the good ones do."

He said many who have recently found a love for coffee are former tea drinkers, and lea was traditionally more popular in South Africa because of our history as a British colony. "People are drawn to the atmosphere and the 'cool' image coffee bars purvey," he explains. They often choose to conduct meetings in these less formal settings.

Brown has judged a number of    barista    competitions and  has  noticed  a general improvements in the local standards.

He explained that there is a complicated science behind producing good  quality coffee which South Africans are  slowly  learning. "African

coffees tend to be sweet and fruity and high in acidity, while South American coffees tend to be nutty with a slight  chocolate flavour and are low in acidity. Creating the right balance in a blend is a key component,"he said. When it comes to preparation, the right 'grind' is a big factor.

According to Brown, a fine grind is needed for on espresso, while a medium grind is better for filter coffee and a course grind is best for o French press.


Expert... Chris Brown prepares the milk for a cappuccino.

03 May 2013, p.10